• How Can I Track My Order?

    • Tracking is easy! Please go to the Track Your Order page, enter your order number and email address as requested, and you will see the status of your order.
  • Do you offer refunds?

    • Yes, you can request a refund through our customer service within 14 days from the date you receive the product. For more details on our refund process, please refer to our Refund Policy
  • What payment methods do you accept?

    • We accept all secure payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay and Credit Card. Feel free to choose the option that is most convenient for you during the checkout process.
  • How long does shipping take?

    • Shipping usually takes between 7 to 10 business days. Please be aware that the delivery time may vary depending on your location.
  • How can I contact customer service?

    • You can reach our customer service team by emailing us at nebulaprojectorsbrand@gmail.com or by visiting our Contact Us page.
      If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer service. We're here to help and provide you with all the support you need


  • Is the Freezy Fan suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
    • Yes, the Freezy Fan is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's perfect for use at home, in the office, while camping, or during outdoor activities.

  • How long does the water in the Freezy Fan's tank last?

  • The duration of the water in the tank depends on the settings and usage. Generally, the tank can last for several hours before needing a refill.

  • How do I clean and maintain the Freezy Fan??

  • Cleaning and maintaining the Freezy Fan is easy. Simply follow the instructions provided in the user manual to clean the filter and water tank regularly. This helps ensure optimal performance and longevity of the device.



  • Can the Projectors be connect to both Android and iPhone devices?

    • Yes, absolutely! Our Projectors are designed to be compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, ensuring seamless connectivity regardless of your preferred platform. 
  • Can I stream content from apps like Netflix on the Projector?

    • Yes, our projectors come with built-in app integrations, allowing you to stream content from popular platforms such as Netflix, Google Play and YouTube without the need for external devices.
  • What options do I have for audio, and can I connect external speakers?

    • You can enjoy crisp and clear audio with the built-in speaker, and you also have the option to connect external speakers or headphones for an exceptional sound experience!
  • Is the setup of the Lumina Beam Projector easy to handle?

    • Absolutely! Setting up our Mini Spotlight Projector is a breeze with its user-friendly design. Just plug and play, and you're all set for your movie night!
  • Can I adjust the projection angle of the Projector?

    • Yes, the Projector offers seamless 180-degree pointing capability, allowing you to adjust the projection angle effortlessly for optimal viewing from any position in the room.